About Zen Yoga Style

ZenYogaStyle.com is an online yoga store and community that realizes that the Earth is our only home and that we are all on this planet together as one.  We take pride in offering products that are produced under safe, fair, legal, and most importantly humane working conditions.  At ZenYogaStyle, we strive for achieving the perfect balance between quality clothing and goods, and the pursuit of the betterment of ourselves thru social awareness, education, and humanity to each other.

ZenYogaStyle is based and operated in Cardiff By The Sea, California.  We have enjoyed this beautiful coastal community for more than 20 years.  Our ZenYoga family has grown up enjoying all of the benifits of our surroundings, while continuing to foster a self-awareness going forward about the future of the community, that we all are a part of.  We are excitied to bring you the best yoga-life style.  ZenYogaStyle.com has a passion for supporting our schools, environment and nurturing our spiritual/physical health.  We encourage you to keep checking back to see what is new.