Accessories to Enhance your Practice!


Zen Yoga Style knows that yoga accessories can assist you in achieving a lifelong love of practicing yoga. That’s why we have chosen to offer accessories and props can help in achieving a deeper stretch, increased stability or add support where you need it. 


Gloves and wrist supports are specifically designed to help reduce slippage and support the tendons and muscles of the wrist.  Our wrist supports can help hold the wrist securely in place without irritating your skin or wrist joint and are ideal for post injury workouts.  To stabilize your foundation, browse through our collection of yoga socks and shoes.  Our selections will help provide solid support, along with extra padding for comfort and the peace of mind that comes with non-slip footing. 


Yoga towels are a must have for anyone who enjoys the practice of yoga.  A yoga towel can enable you to dry off your hands, feet or other body parts that may become moist while you’re working out or can also be placed over the mat to protect it, or used as a neck support.   You really don’t want to practice without one!


Zen Yoga Style also offers hats and headbands that will also help keep the moisture from running into your eyes while you work out, which can be painful and may cause you to lose your concentration.  Wearing a headband for yoga practice will also help keep hair off of your forehead and out of your eyes. This is especially useful for people with hair that’s long enough to be annoying, but too short to actually tie back.  Our collection is stylish, trendy and available in a variety of colors and styles to suit not only yoga, but any type of workout or exercise program.  Browse through our yoga accessories for the ideal choice for your lifestyle.