Yoga Equipment

Enhance your Practice with Quality Equipment!


Here at Zen Yoga Style we understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and maintaining our flexibility, especially as we age.  Yoga can help your body become more flexible, while giving your muscles and your joints a greater range of motion.  But sometimes we need to rely on the proper yoga equipment to aid in maintaining our positions and poses.


Yoga mats are a must have to comfort and support while practicing yoga. If you are planning to balance on your hands, spend time on your back or kneel in Camel or Child’s Pose, you'll want the additional cushioning, and insulation of a traditional yoga mat.  We offer a large selection of yoga mats in many different sizes, styles and colors for you to choose from and don’t forget to attach a strap for ease in carrying your mat to and from yoga class.


Bolsters and cushions along with yoga blocks were introduced into the modern practice of yoga to provide access to the benefits of poses regardless of the practitioner’s physical condition, age, or length of study. The main purpose for using any type of yoga prop is to address a need for additional support.   Zen Yoga Style offers an assortment of yoga equipment that will enhance your practice and let you continue to enjoy yoga as you grow older.


A yoga workout using an exercise ball is a great way to help increase strength and balance.  It’s easy to tone up from head to toe using an exercise ball, because you are much more aware of your form when balancing on a ball.  The stability ball is a great way to get extra support for moves that require endurance and flexibility and it also adds a balance challenge to some poses.  Why not try one today?