Yoga Kits

Kits include everything you’ll need!


Zen Yoga Style offers a selection of yoga kits that include everything you’ll need as a beginner or to take your practice to the next level.  Whether you’re looking to increase flexibility, or for a workout that will challenge your entire body, our yoga kits are a great way to get started.


Our hot yoga kit is ideal for those who are devoted to the practice of hot yoga.  It features a colorful mat, along with a towel for wiping away sweat, a block to help with stability and a hemp strap.  One of the benefits of hot yoga is detoxification as heavy sweating will help flush toxins from the skin.  You’ll also be able to stretch a little deeper into the poses because of the heat. 


Our Pro Yoga Kit also features a yoga mat for stability, along with a towel, block and strap for assisting in achieving strength, flexibility and tone, plus help the body relax.  This is a great kit for the beginner because it offers all the essentials needed to begin practicing in a cost effective way.


Stop back often as Zen Yoga Style continues to add additional yoga kits for you to choose from to help make your transition into yoga safe, effective, relaxing and fun.  



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